Burj Al Arab
The Burj Al Arab hotel is considered the only 7 star hotel in the world. Since its construction has been rated the best hotel in the world for many hoteliers.

Dubai and its most famous building, the Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab at dusk
Burj Al Arab at dusk
Burj Al Arab, Lobby
Burj Al Arab Lobby, 200 meters high
Indulgent Afternoon Tea
Taking the Indulgent Afternoon Tea
Sky Bar Burj Al Arab, Dubai views
Views of Dubai from the Sky Bar
To see what makes it so special just to list some of its characteristics: it is built on its own artificial island 280 meters from the coast, measures 321 meters, all rooms are suites (the smallest 175 square meters) and the hotel shuttle service consists of BMWs, Rolls Royce and a private helicopter.

Its construction lasted five years and the hotel opened in December 1999. Currently its sail-shaped structure makes it one of the most photographed buildings in the world.

How much sleep on it?
As you can imagine, sleeping in the Burj Al Arab is not particularly cheap. Rates start from € 1,300 per night, including breakfast, dates, chocolates and even a complete set of products Hermes for men and women.

Who can afford the whim will not be unhappy, you can see the prices and make reservations online at the following link:

Hotel Burj Al Arab - Low Price Guarantee
How to visit the Burj Al Arab?
Perhaps include a visit to a hotel in Dubai must visit it sounds strange ... but the truth is that the Burj Al Arab is not just any hotel.

To visit the hotel and admire its fountains, its shops and its impressive lobby (the highest lobby in the world with more than 200 meters high) is necessary to make a reservation at one of the restaurants or bars.

Prices of reserves start at 350 dirhams for breakfast in the Sahn Eddar restaurant on the first floor.

For a full experience and have the best views of Dubai, the best option is to book a package on the 27th floor Sky Bar (over 200 meters high). Our recommended option is to attend the "Indulgent Afternoon Tea" at 16:00. The price is 620 dirhams and includes countless types of tea, a glass of champagne, various sandwiches and snacks, teacakes and cakes. You can be at the bar until 19:00 (passed surprisingly flying), when they start to dinner. You can also book the food equally excellent and at a similar price.

How to make a reservation?
If you want to enjoy Afternoon Tea or lunch at the Burj Al Arab you can make reservations directly on our web We take care of everything !. , In addition to the experience, including hotel pick up and transfer back (may be the hotel or wherever you wish to continue the day).

Afternoon Tea at the Sky Bar at the Burj al Arab
Lunch at the Burj Al Atab
Alternatively, especially if you do not need transportation, you can also book by sending an email to BAArestaurants@jumeirah.com indicating name, event, number of people, date and time, phone in Dubai (you can put the hotel) and data credit card . Do not forget to ask at the window table and go ahead.

Experience is expensive, but not regret.

More photos?
We have the luck to have been able to spend a night at the Burj Al Arab! Here are the photos of the room and other parts of the hotel: