Buenasss, the reason for this post is to try to spread a little insurance awareness in all of us.

What I mean by "insurer conscience"? Well, it is simply knowing, albeit basically, that serves a secure and how important it is.

As an employee of an insurance, consumer and student category, is reason enough to explain that motivates me to make a post of this nature.

As it is known naturally, when we speak of "safe" think: Uhh these will re shit, or are all jets, etc.

Well, partly it is true - mainly spread by poor management companies without aseguradora- vocation that have discredited this important social service. . . . . but hey we should not particularize, but just know that companies are serious or not leave to care for our goods.

I finished with this little introduction, pass to the point: To encourage a little insurance, pros, and it is imperative that a general level, and in many individual cases.


Insurance is a financial service whose primary purpose is to avoid the adverse effects that may occur nuestors "property" against possible fact / harmful event affecting our Patrimonia.
It is an important financial support, since for many of us we would be impossible, difficult or expensive having to buy back something that originally cost us so much to get.

I will focus this little analysis in those branches intended for individual insurance, namely those important for the citizen "type".


-The General insurance are annual, and its validity starts at 12 am noon and ends at 12 pm on the last day of validity
-The Late payment of a fee, automatically suspends the coverage and the obligation to pay by the company any incident that occurs during that dwelleth
Mulberry is canceled, at 00.00 pm following the payment of
Any of the parties can cancel the contract without stating reasons. Doing the insured may be from the same day as requested, if it does the company must give 30 days' notice.
-The Claims, generalemente must be paid within 30 days of receipt of all relevant documentation, if overcome those 30 days cia. will not manifest or payment or rejection of the claim, the risk and the payment obligation is automatically considered accepted
Contato -during the term of contract modifications can be made by endorsement


-Seguros Direct from the insured to the company
PAS-through an insurance- -Prodcutor consultant who advises (or should something not currently applied) the insured properly and secure their assets. It is the intermediary between the CIA. and the insured and collects commissions operate.
-By Institorios agents, generally banks


-Payment Live cia
-Payment Producer against receipt and subsequent surrender of the insurance it
-Media Electronic payment, cbu, TC, easy payment, payment rapi
-National Bank